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Hi, I’m Nancy, author and Certified Life Coach. I learned to love vegetables when I started cooking them the way I like them, eating them raw, and blending them into my favorite dishes. After reading about the benefits of Vegetables when I wrote my first children’s book, Vegetable Kids in the Garden, I started blending combinations of vegetables into my favorite food to add color and nutrition. I am happy to share my recipes and those of guest contributors.

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have our favorite dishes for a special meal and Jimmy Dean Sausage Dressing has become a special delight over the last few years (also makes a nice side dish with eggs for breakfast the next morning).

I am so blessed that my son-in-law likes to cook the turkey, so sausage dressing (out of the turkey) makes a delicious accompaniment. I usually use Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage for this recipe. This year the sage sausage, like so many things, was out of stock, but regular Jimmy Dean sausage also works well. I like to add color (and additional flavor), so I add chopped red bell pepper and chopped orange carrots to the dressing. This is the perfect flavorful colorful addition to any special meal. We will give thanks that we can enjoy some traditional favorite foods this year, and most of all, our families.

Delicious Nutritious Pumpkins

The beauty of pumpkin is the way it can dress up cookies, pancakes, smoothies, soups, and much more. The options are endless. I looked up a recipe my daughter shared with me for oat filled delicious Pumpkin Pie Bars. I knew pumpkin was rich in vitamins, but I didn’t realize how amazing that Jack-O-Lantern could be until I read the article, What Are the Health Benefits of Pumpkins?, from MedicalNewsTodayRead more

Pumpkin Bars with Coconut Flour from Ambitious Kitchen

These cookies are delicious! I’ve made them with half peanut butter/half almond butter, or chocolate sunflower butter. It’s fun to mix up the butters and the kids love it! When I made the chocolate sunflower butter cookies, I reduced the chips and put an M&M on top of each one just for fun. This recipe is so versatile, I added shredded carrots and rolled oats to the cookies. The grandkids loved them. More directions for Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Nona’s Homemade Pasta Sauce – Kid approved

“I could eat this everyday!” said 7-year old Lexi.

Blend together with seasoning (to taste) and vegetables:

3 (16 ounce) cans diced tomatoes 

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon dried basil

2 teaspoon Italian seasoning

1 med carrot cut in pieces

1 bunch spinach

Seasoning quantity will very with fresh, ground, or flakes.

Read the full recipe here.

Add Colorful Nutrition to Sweet Treats This Fall
We Love Pancakes Chock Full of Nutrition

Gluten Free Blender Pancakes are a favorite quick gluten free pancake recipe. This is an excellent oil free recipe, but I enjoyed adding 1 TBS coconut oil and a carrot. If you love pancakes like we do, let us know how you enjoy your pancakes with added toppings or ingredients.

Tri-Color Pasta by Dr. Jo is colored with vegetable juices.  Tomato, spinach, and beets give the pasta its beautiful hues.  This pasta is as delicious as it is beautiful, a great way to brighten up a meal and add some extra nutrition. 

Enjoy vegetables the way you like them!

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