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Nancy J. Miller, M.S., Author/Career Counselor/Life Coach loves to study personalities and find fun ways to eat vegetables.

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Books by Nancy J. Miller

The Vegetable Kids find fun and treasures

Garden adventures, colorful illustrations, and vegetable nutrition make this a fun read for the whole family. Learn more and find purchase options from author and Amazon at Vegetable Kids in the Garden.

Color your own book with activities

Join the Vegetable Kids for fun and vegetables as Max creates chaos in the lunchroom. Learn more from The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club and see the cafeteria lady slide into a handstand. Buy on Amazon.

Find your style

Learn more about yourself and create more opportunities for success in your relationships and your work with the Vegetable Personality Style™ analogy. Buy the eBook on Amazon.

Watch the story time video of the author, Nancy J. Miller, reading Vegetable Kids in the Garden on Hartslight Kids.

You can read the Vegetable Kids in the Garden flipbook on the Designrr website (it may take a few seconds to load), then you can purchase the hardcover book below or buy the softcover book at Amazon.com or major online retailers.

Vegetable Kids in the Garden hardcover book with cards and author autograph $16.00 U.S. (includes shipping). Also sold at major online retailers.

Favorite Comments

Parents love to hear their kids get excited about planting and eating vegetables.

  • “I like how the characters each have their own personalities and express them throughout the book.” Belle, 10
  • “I need to eat carrots.” Jonah, 9
  • I want to eat a tomato.” Calvin, 7
  • “I’m a green bean!” Max, 4

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vegetable Kids in the Garden

“Children sharing, healthy snacking between and among young elementary aged children I found to be the main theme. A good STEM base for teachers!” A.K. Buckroth

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club

“There is a good message about being nice to others and the importance of eating your veggies. What’s also really fun for them is there are pages in the book they can color, as well as questions to fill out in the back.” Heather J. Popish

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vegetable Personality Styles

Inspiring healthy eating and healthy relationships. Find ways to nurture the vegetable in you so you will grow and thrive. More about Vegetable Personality Styles. Rate this book on Amazon.

Nancy J. Miller

Add colorful vegetables each providing their own unique flavor, texture, and nutrition. Look for a variety of color in your shopping bag and on your plate. When you get accustomed to a colorful plate, you will notice when it looks a little bland, and find a colorful vegetable to add. Color is fun! Enjoy a rainbow of colorful vegetables. Here is a sampling.

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