Colorful Vegetables A-K

Each vegetable color provides its own unique flavor, texture, and nutrition. Look for lots of color in your shopping bag and on your plate. When you get accustomed to a colorful plate, you will notice when it looks a little bland, and wonder what colors you want to add. Color is fun! Enjoy a rainbow of colorful vegetables. Here is a sampling.

Vitamin A beta carotene

Vitamin A beta carotene Helps form healthy teeth and bones and ward off bacterial and viral infections.

Vitamin B (folate)

Helps your brain function and supports your metabolism. Eat raw or steam to maintain the most folate.

Vitamin C

Helps you heal and protects against infections.

Vitamin E 

Protects your cells and helps you use vitamin K to repair muscle cells.

Vitamin K

Helps prevent excessive bleeding and maintain strong bones.

Vegetable Kids Cards are available from the author. Contact Nancy J. Miller. Add Colorful Vegetables Kids Will Love to every meal.

Share your favorite vegetables and how you love to eat them.

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