The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club

About the book

After a year of collaboration on writing, drawing, formatting and publishing we have an amazing book! Without even seeing the pictures, kids have commented on the story,

“It’s a great book! The kids don’t have chips or juice but healthy stuff like vegetables.” Juliet 9 years old
“My favorite part was when Max the dog caught the hot dog bun on his nose!” Grayson 7 years old.

“Mrs. P. stepped toward Max and slipped on the rolling tomatoes. Whoosh! The cafeteria lady took an acrobatic slide into a handstand and everyone cheered for Mrs. P.”

Buy the book and share the story with your kids. They can personalize the book if they would like by coloring the pictures and filling out the Just For Kids Page. If they would rather just read the book, the pictures stand on their own. 

Read the book with your kids, help them pick out vegetables for their lunch boxes and comment on

More books by Nancy J. Miller promoting healthy eating and healthy relationships, Vegetable Kids in the Garden.

My children love this book!

Heather J. Popish

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