Chock Full of Nutrition, Pumpkins Are Not Just For Jack-O-Lanterns

Let’s talk orange, and not the candy corn in the candy isles this time of year, I’m talking about bright orange versatile pumpkin. Ok, I’ve had my share of the colorful sugary candy, but now I am opting for the vitamin rich delicious orange pumpkin. The beauty of pumpkin is the way it can dressContinue reading “Chock Full of Nutrition, Pumpkins Are Not Just For Jack-O-Lanterns”

Sourdough Starter Pancakes

My daughter recently visited from Colorado and brought some of her sourdough starter that she has been feeding for years. I was amazed at the care she put into the sourdough bread she made for us. It was amazing! Since I didn’t have a pan for making the bread, Jenn used a pizza stone andContinue reading “Sourdough Starter Pancakes”